Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I would buy this magazine.

I was reading some of Joanna's archived posts recently, and I came across this image of the May 12, 1956 issue of The Saturday Evening Post:

First of all, look at those headlines. I want to buy this magazine right now just to read those features. I say they're still timely.

Second, look at that cover comic. I love that it takes you through the dad's day/week, and I also love the positions of all the figures. It's really easy (at least for me) to look at old photos or drawings and not be able to imagine those people moving and acting like regular people. Nevermind that my dad was 7 when this magazine came out; there is no way he moved and acted like a normal kid! So I love how in #2 you can see the kids being totally rowdy at the table, and in #6 how the dad is slumped against the wall a bit, actually relaxed even though he just went grocery shopping in a hat.

Third, this reminded me that once in middle school while canvassing my block to get orders for my school's fundraiser (it was the worst, always, and I'd imagine for the people on the other side of the door, too) I walked by a pile of old furniture and things that a neighbor had placed at the curb for pickup and found an old issue of the Post with JFK on the cover. I kept that thing for years. I thought it was so cool and that it would be worth something one day even though the edges of the cover were kind of crumbly. I have no idea what happened to it.

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