Monday, January 9, 2012

I require more successful sandwich containers.

Well, I love Rye. I'm just a deli kind of girl, and this restaurant makes me supremely happy. So far all of the food I've ordered has been appropriately savory–except for the cheesecake, which is different in that it's actually cakey (and a little lemony) with a really pleasing top layer and crust. Perfect with an after-dinner cup of decaf (it settles the stomach and makes room for cheesecake faster).

Emily and I had dinner there last Friday with our friend Steph, and what with the pre-Reuben kreplach and the Reuben-adjacent mashed potatoes, I knew I would need to save some food for later if I was going to enjoy that cheesecake. I asked our server for a box so as not to waste any of the precious deli goodness, and here is what they gave me:

When the server brought this I had a moment of just not knowing what to do with the food and the box I was supposed to put it in. Emily and I looked at the box, and at the sandwich, and back at the box, and she laughed while I tried to defy physics and logic and create something functional. I don't know how acquainted you are with Reubens, but overall they are a substantial sandwich variety, nearly as tall as they are wide, and filled with much delicious corned beef. My half-portion was too large for the bottom of this box, but would have fallen apart if I'd filed it in vertically. I ended up sort of smushing it down at the bottom, and stacking my ramekin of coleslaw and pickle spear on top. It was awkward. (The tiny box holds leftover potatoes).

Now, Rye offers takeout, and even devotes spots in its lot for to-go orders. This makes me wonder: do they have separate, better boxes for takeout? How would they have boxed up a full order of an open-faced Reuben? These boxes are a cute, fake blue collar riff on a Chinese to-go box, but they lack handles and aren't built to the dimensions of the food Rye serves.

My suggestion: Keep the takeout box idea, but make ones that are appropriately sized for what needs to go in there and can be easily stacked.  It would have been nice to arrange my foods next to each other rather than clumsily stack them. Also, lids for the plastic ramekins! They make a delicious coleslaw, and I hate to waste it. I don't buy in to the coleslaw-as-parsley-garnish-equivalent viewpoint.


  1. I know you're talking about sandwiches, but when I read phrases like "Reuben-adjacent mashed potatoes", I like to think that you're thinking about me as you write.

    There is no better place for mashed potatoes than "Reuben-adjacent".

  2. Stephanie-adjacent is the only true potato way!

  3. That seems odd! Maybe the server didn't know any better or didn't feel like bringing you appropriately sized boxes?

  4. Ask your server to bring you a piece of foil instead. This also works for smaller food-items that you know they will bring you a giganto box for.

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