Sunday, February 26, 2012

My New Friend, Mamie Taylor

Last night Art and Emily hosted a 'TNG and Scotch' party. It was a way of easing into two things I've never quite cottoned on to: Star Trek: The Next Generation (I'm a TOS/reboot girl all the way) and Scotch. I'd only ever watched a whole TNG episode when it was the only thing on the TV in an emergency room waiting area, or something similar. And Scotch has always tasted like "dirt lit on fire" to me. (I KNOW. YELL AT ME IN THE COMMENTS.) So I came to the party bearing ingredients for the Mamie Taylor, a cocktail recipe I found in this How to Drink Scotch post on the Kitchn.

(image: Nancy Mitchell, The Backyard Bartender)

  • TNG is campy and delightful in a way that is similar to TOS. But I don't see myself changing camps, and I definitely don't see myself being on team Will Wheaton. Sryz, Internet.
  • Mamie Taylor is a gal who really knows how to hang out. There was enough going on with the ginger beer and lime juice that I could taste the Scotch (Old Smuggler–not "Old Snuggler," as I originally read it–because that is how I roll) but still enjoy it. This will be a good summer drink–there's a lot of pontoon drinking potential here. I see myself working my way through this guide until I, too, am a lady who really knows how to hang out.


  1. There is no such thing as Will Wheaton, Stephanie. Gosh.

    1. I'm not even going to correct it. THAT IS HOW LITTLE I CARE.

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